A Humanist Manifesto

A new hope is rising for humanity – the hope of humanism. All the obstacles of the old world are trying to block this hope: corrupt politicians and corporate elites, religious fundamentalists and dogmatists, reactionary philosophers and moralists.

What is humanism? It is the philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings. It is the vision of a future where humans can live in harmony with themselves, each other, and nature. It is the aspiration of a better life for all, free from suffering, oppression, and injustice.

Humanists are not a party or a sect. They are a diverse movement of people who share a common goal: to use reason and evidence to improve the human condition. They are not enemies of humanity, but its greatest friends. They are not utopians, but realists. They are not dreamers, but doers.

Humanists recognize that the world is facing unprecedented challenges: climate change, pandemics, poverty, war, terrorism, nuclear proliferation, authoritarianism, inequality, discrimination, censorship, corruption, and more. They also recognize that these challenges cannot be solved by the old ways of thinking and acting. They require new paradigms, new methods, new solutions.

Humanists propose that the best way to overcome these challenges is to empower humanity with the tools of reason and evidence. They advocate for the development and ethical use of science and technology to enhance human well-being and potential. They support the rights of individuals to pursue their own happiness and fulfillment as long as they do not harm others. They promote the values of freedom, democracy, human rights, social justice, and global cooperation.

Humanists call for a radical transformation of society and culture. They demand the abolition of all forms of oppression and exploitation that hinder human potential and dignity. They urge the creation of new opportunities for all people to prosper with their passions in life. They envision a society where all belief systems can coexist peacefully and harmoniously. They aspire to create a civilization of abundance, diversity, creativity, and joy.