Can you believe that Elon Musk is buying Twitter?

I have had a fairly productive day today. The purpose of productivity is to stay on track because it’s extremely easy to get OFF TRACK! Here’s an example: I limit my video game usage because wasting your time in this philosophy is not to be tolerated. However, you CAN make the unproductive tasks to be productive. Instead of just playing a video game, record it so that we can spread the message of love to our viewers. Or just try and monetize it. Time = money. That’s how it works in THIS society. In Our society, however, time will equal VALUE. Because we will all value the time that we have with eachother and with ourself.

Anyway, I turned off the game and got myself to the gym. Because Our vessel is extremely important. Idle hands are the devil’s playground! In any case, my Twitch channel is I will probably change the name in the coming weeks.

Also, yesterday I made a video of what the war going on means for us moving forward. It’s extremely important to realize that we need to end all war so that we can move forward as a society. War is completely unecessary to humanity. Unfortunately, we are separated by borders so we are always at odds with eachother when we should work together to eliminate cancer. To eliminate COVID. Listen, covid would not exist if we were in charge. That’s why we are going to eradicate the power structure.

I also made a video about Elon Musk buying twitter. Crazy times indeed. He can only do this because of the society we live in today. This isn’t healthy where one guy can make insane decisions like this. We need to diffuse power to you, the people, the ones who actually go to work everyday and take care of yourself and your family. We need more appreciation for the people of this world. look, who decided to invade the Ukraine? One guy. His name is Putin. Who decided to buy Twitter? One guy. Elon Musk. It’s understandable someone with money to buy something, but how come he has more money than you and me? Because he gamed the system. He figured out how to play the corrpution to his benefit.

This greed is going to kill us. Humanity will not survive unless we do something about it. Think about it. What if one guy decides to start nuclear war? Then we all die? Think about it. The power structure is not right. If you’re a religious person, then you know that this isn’t how god intended. This is NOT the way to heaven on earth and peace.

Also, Mask mandates are only an illusion to mask the real problem.

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