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  • Unbelievable! These Technical Indicators Will Have You Making Perfect Trades Every Time

    I’m always trying to improve my trading setup and, of course, I will share it on here and on my Youtube channel. Enojy!

  • Guide on Researching NFTs to buy

    There are several ways to research good NFTs to buy: Look at the artist or creator of the NFT: Research the background and past work of the artist or creator to see if they have a track record of creating valuable or sought-after NFTs. Doxxing, or publicly revealing someone’s private information without their consent, is […]

  • What is a position trading forex trading plan?

    I have searched high and low but I could never find a solid forex position trading plan. This is where you basically “set and forget” Here is the answer I received…. Position trading is a longer-term trading strategy that involves holding a position for a period of weeks or even months. A position trading forex […]

  • Improved Railway Infrastructure: A Solution to the Corrupt and Inefficient System

    Infrastructure in the USA (and the world) are falling apart. The solution is clear. We take over infrastruture once we control the political sphere. Once the people are truly in power instead of the corrupt corporations. Once we elimination trillions of dollars of corruption, we will have more than enough to expand and recreate infrastructure […]

  • 11/9/2022 A day of recognition

    Hurdles come in all forms. TV. Movies. Video games. Food. Etc. These are all forms of addiction that manifest by controlling our lives. Humanism stands against such inefficiencies because we recognize the root cause. Society. Society is what causes us to becomew distracted and sucked into these dopamine hits. “Everything in moderation” is key. We […]

  • Listen to the new podcast!

    Yes. I created a podcast to promote humanism and to further the advancement of our potential to accomplish great things. it’s distributed in spotify as well as on the Anchor platform. I just started experimenting with podcasting so it’s a bit rudimentary at this point.

  • Use microsoft bing to get gift cards – strategy guide

    You have nothing to lose by using microsoft bing to rack up points. It’s kind of fun because they have these interactive games that gives you points. For example, “which are greek gods?” then you win points based on your right answers. I’m not sure if the prizes are participation oriented only. I will detail […]

  • Police Phone call about Jeffrey Dahmer victim

    Very crazy. I’m not sure if this was re-recorded for the new netflix Dahmer show. Pretty chilling, though. It just goes to show that police are full of their own biases so they are as falliable as anyone else. We will eliminate crime in the future. Crime will be an non-existent construct of ancient society. […]

  • Father Stu was a weird movie

    I understood where it was coming from but it was stupid. It was obviously propaganda for the catholic church. Redemption? Sure. But Stu was depicted so pathetically inaccurate from the real person. Don’t get me wrong. I liked the movie, however, it bothered me. I liked how you were able to see that the father […]

  • How to be popular: the definitive guide

    If you’re looking for tips on how to be popular, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll cover everything from how to make friends to how to be a leader. We’ll also give you some advice on what to avoid if you want to be popular. How to make friends and be […]