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  • Unbelievable! These Technical Indicators Will Have You Making Perfect Trades Every Time

    I’m always trying to improve my trading setup and, of course, I will share it on here and on my Youtube channel. Enojy!

  • What is a position trading forex trading plan?

    I have searched high and low but I could never find a solid forex position trading plan. This is where you basically “set and forget” Here is the answer I received…. Position trading is a longer-term trading strategy that involves holding a position for a period of weeks or even months. A position trading forex […]

  • Price Action Strategy: A Quick Guide for Forex Traders

    Are you a Forex trader? Be confident about the assets you purchase using accurate Price Action Trading Strategies listed here! Are you new to Forex trade? As a trader, you will want to keep track of the stock market trends. One of the key trends to focus on is the market price. Trading with price […]

  • Indicators for trading

    Check out these trading indicators on Tradingview. Let me know if you’re signing up to TV, I can provide you with a free trial. Learn from every loss! Keep a journal for dreams, for trading, for life! 15 minute TF for confirmations Fibonacci retracements Stoch RSI ATR bands Outback Sessions TMA overlay – 200 SMA, […]