Father Stu was a weird movie

I understood where it was coming from but it was stupid. It was obviously propaganda for the catholic church. Redemption? Sure. But Stu was depicted so pathetically inaccurate from the real person. Don’t get me wrong. I liked the movie, however, it bothered me. I liked how you were able to see that the father (Mel Gibson) who is a catholic fanatic in real life, really cared for his son and wanted to have a realtionship with him. He felt remorseful of how he treated his son which led to a continuation in his drinking.

But the whole aspect with the mexican woman was stupid. Did they really need to add that to the story? They always feel compelled to add women or a sexual component where there needs not be. Good movie, but flawed. It was definitely watchable. But I would’ve made the movie a lot better.

I would’ve taken the true story and made it more impactful with character development. It would’ve been more believable, too!

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