Healthcare of the future – Fix healthcare

With our organization there won’t be need for insurance because we will have private doctors and facilities that will treat you no matter the ailment. This is not socialized care because we won’t centrally plan healthcare. This destroys innovation!! Rather, this will bring care to the local, where it belongs. This will be paired with our mega-projects where heart disease, viruses and cancers will be targeted so that we can focus on preventative care. There is no reason at all for us to have cancer. But the corrupt continue to take our research money and put it all into their pockets.

How dare they rob us of our hard earned money?

Do you know anyone who has died of cancer? They didn’t need to. We live in a lie where we are told that we don’t have a choice. We do. And we will change the system.

We will take money from the corrupt and put it into actual research projects that will benefit all of humanity. We need to change the wrongs in society. Eliminate greedy insurance companies so that the doctors and patients will be freed from their eternal greed.

How many people have died from the greed of the elites? Countless. There needs not be corruption in the system. Your healthcare decisions will be in your hands. For there is no other alternative that is just. You and your doctor(s) will decide what is the best form of action.

There is also cancer in society. This is precisely why nothing gets done. Why we suffer. Because we are at the mercy of the rich elitists who care nothing for us as long as they remain rich off of our backs. They are useless without OUR hard work.

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