Improved Railway Infrastructure: A Solution to the Corrupt and Inefficient System

the solution to corrupt infrastructure

Infrastructure in the USA (and the world) are falling apart. The solution is clear. We take over infrastruture once we control the political sphere. Once the people are truly in power instead of the corrupt corporations.

Once we elimination trillions of dollars of corruption, we will have more than enough to expand and recreate infrastructure to benefit humanity. We will have highspeed rail all over the world. We will have tunnels all over that will facilitate the movement of people and products all over the USA (and world).

The railroad strike of 2022

The railroad is striking because of the horribly ineffient system that we have in place. It’s extremely pathetic that a single company or union can completely halt circulation of life supporting food and products all over the country. That is so pathetic that it’s almost laughable. How is that possible? It’s because the government chose winners and losers early on, then you had politicians who demanded rail be connected to their districts instead of being as efficient as possible. The government created this mess and now all they do is put bandaides on it.

The solution is clear

We kick out the corrupt polticians then we get in there and change it for good. Then you will see change coming at a fast pace. There will be millions of new jobs, thousands of new companies and an infrastructure that will be the awe of the world. But won’t get it with the politicans who are in office. We need a true change!

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