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  • Healthcare of the future – Fix healthcare

    With our organization there won’t be need for insurance because we will have private doctors and facilities that will treat you no matter the ailment. This is not socialized care because we won’t centrally plan healthcare. This destroys innovation!! Rather, this will bring care to the local, where it belongs. This will be paired with […]

  • NEW: Ohio Supreme Court tosses out GOP-drawn congressional map for 2024 elections

    Why should districts be carved out by the few and the corrupt? This nonsense needs to end! For all too long we tolerate political corruption, but when shall it end? It will end once we get involved to end it for good. We need a nonpartisan commission to set boundaries until we can figure out […]

  • Supreme Court says Maine cannot deny tuition aid to religious schools

  • Johnny Depp & Amber Heard – Who Cares?

  • Price Action Strategy: A Quick Guide for Forex Traders

    Are you a Forex trader? Be confident about the assets you purchase using accurate Price Action Trading Strategies listed here! Are you new to Forex trade? As a trader, you will want to keep track of the stock market trends. One of the key trends to focus on is the market price. Trading with price […]

  • Why can’t we stop mass shootings?

    The answer is, we can. But we won’t because of deep corruption in this society. The short answer is the gun laws, but the long answer is the politicization which gets in the way of positive reforms and most of all the depression that people feel when they suffer a lack of opportunity in society. […]

  • Indicators for trading

    Check out these trading indicators on Tradingview. Let me know if you’re signing up to TV, I can provide you with a free trial. Learn from every loss! Keep a journal for dreams, for trading, for life! 15 minute TF for confirmations Fibonacci retracements Stoch RSI ATR bands Outback Sessions TMA overlay – 200 SMA, […]

  • Good morning everyone!

    I finally have a little time to update this. Diet is all about disciple, it’s not the end of the world when you falter, but it can sure feel like it! I open an AUD/USD long trade. Looking to take it to resistance! You have to make your money work for you, but you need […]

  • What is up with all the spam messages on Quora?

    Like, really. So many damn scammers, it’s really pathetic. I made a great post on what Our future society will look like on Quora this morning. I really love to imagine the possibilities of anchieving the future : In other news, I am doing my Duolingo studies everyday. We need a certain number of […]

  • Stimulants need to be limited

    I woke up very tired today because of “carb overload”. Yes, eating carbs like pizza, bread, rice, pasta, etc. will leave you feeling a hangover the next day, this is precisely why it must be limited to proper proportions. For example, a small bowl of rice, pasta as a side dish not as “the main […]

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