Police Phone call about Jeffrey Dahmer victim

jeffrey dahmer 14 year old victim real police phone call

Very crazy. I’m not sure if this was re-recorded for the new netflix Dahmer show. Pretty chilling, though. It just goes to show that police are full of their own biases so they are as falliable as anyone else.

We will eliminate crime in the future. Crime will be an non-existent construct of ancient society. We are going to look back at violence and serial killers like we look back at medieval times today.


BECAUSE modern crime and serial killers are a symptom of society’s inherent corruption. Modern society is a cancer and the way people act out against it is by killing others. Yes, head trauma can be a huge impact, that’s why we will have proper therapy and regerative treatments so that brains can be restored to their pinnacle. That requires some science, but nothing that is impossible, as long as we eliminate corruption and then we fund good science.

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