Stimulants need to be limited

I woke up very tired today because of “carb overload”. Yes, eating carbs like pizza, bread, rice, pasta, etc. will leave you feeling a hangover the next day, this is precisely why it must be limited to proper proportions. For example, a small bowl of rice, pasta as a side dish not as “the main event” so to speak. So on and so forth. Ëverything in moderation” is key. If oyu eat too many carbs then you know exactly what I’m talking about. Then we feel sluggish on the next day, we struggle, we suffer headaches and we have to battle “mind fog.” It’s not fun!

This leads us to the name of our post, “stimulants need to be limited” because we tend to over-stimulant ourselves when we eat too many carbs the day before because we have killed our energy systems. This is a very bad replacement mechanism, because your reliance on stimulants (kratom, caffeine, etc) will cause a crash and this will make you much more fatigued. The solution is to limit oyur food intake so that you wake up with natural energy. Natural energy is the best way forward. This is precisely why we need to utilize “dopamine detox” as much as possible. This gives you the chance to “reset” your mind and revolutionalize your possibilities. Trust me, it can be difficult, but the rewards are there.

Solution: limit the carbs. You can eat carbs, but make sure you don’t eat too much.

I am building a pool in my backyard and this has opened my eyes to the ridiculousness of regulation. Why do we need to get äpproved” for things we build on our property? This not only infringes upon our natural rights, this damages the potential of creativity. This is why we don’t have much innovation in the realm of home infrastructure. We need to eliminate this aspect of government, to ensure safety but not at the cost of freedom and cost to property owners. I made a Quora question on this very topic :

I need to dress for work now. I leave you with this. STOP to-do lists, instead, work out of your calendars. You should be using your journal to jot down ideas, then you use your calendar to actually implement these ideas. To-do lists are where ideas go to die 🙂

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