Use microsoft bing to get gift cards – strategy guide

You have nothing to lose by using microsoft bing to rack up points. It’s kind of fun because they have these interactive games that gives you points. For example, “which are greek gods?” then you win points based on your right answers. I’m not sure if the prizes are participation oriented only.

I will detail some good strategies for you to rack up points as fast as possible with as little effort as possible. Because, that’s the point, right? Who wants to stare at a screen an hour per day for a couple cents worth of points? Nah. Waste of time.

But that’s the game. You could search up some bots and I will be reviewing some going forward. Some are just malware viruses that will infect your pc, so don’t download anything without doing your due diligence.

A quick way to rack up points is to simply type in random searches until you hit the maximum. Just make sure you do that every day and you will assemble a huge amount of points.

There’s also sweepstakes.

Are the sweepstakes worth it?

Nope. They serve to drain users of their points. I put a shit ton into them awhile back and…guess what? I didn’t get squat. Lol. Waste of time. The only time sweepstakes are worth it are when it costs nothing to enter. Microsoft doesn’t want to payout gift cards to every user, that’s precisely why they created these sweepstakes schemes. Don’t even bother with them.

Download the app

Yeah. You can earn separate points from the app alone. Pro tip: install the app on your pc. There’s ways to do this and I will make some videos/articles on exactly how to. To keep it brief, you can mirror your phone on your pc, use this program called “BlueStacks”, emulate android with Genymotion, run it directly on your pc with Android-x86, or install apps from Amazon Appstore. There’s also other options but that’s all I’m going to say about it at this time.

That’s all for now. Bye.

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