Hello everyone. And welcome to my new blog. This will be the centered resource for information about Me and about the philosophy of humanity where peace and love triumphs over hatred. I will use this blog to communicate thoughts and ideas with all loyal followers of the faith. Who are the followers, you may ask? Ask yourself some questions. We have both macro-issues and micro-issues. Macros are the issues which affect the greater world. And what does that entail? Political corrpution, war, poverty, disease (like COVID) so on and so forth. Micros are issues which affect YOU. Depression. Anxiety. Hopelessness. Bad health. Both sides are extremely important to humanity. We cannot cure the micro without the macro, and vice versa.

Macro issues:

Do you want peace on earth?

Do you want to end the careers of the corrupt politicians who enslave us?

Do you want a peaceful society where everyone becomes fulfilled?

Do you want to end useless ideas like racism?

Do you want to get rid of corrpution so that we can fuinally end life threatening diseases?

If you answer yes, then we are on the same page. There is no reason why we need to suffer from life threatening diseases. We have the cure! The cure is the total elimination of corrpution in OUR society. What kind of corruption, you ask? Politicians come into office poor, they come out (after 25 years+) extremely wealthy. How is this even possible? They get wealthy on the backs of you and everyone you know. They are parasites. That’s not to say they aren’t human, because they are living in the world of today. They are just really good at gaming this system of corruption, that’s why we all suffer because of it.

The corporate lobbyists and special interest groups throw money at them and write their own laws for them. It’s a really cushy job! We must eliminate this system of corruption.

It is so vital to humanity, otherwise we will all suffer until the environment falls apart. This timeline does not end well! This is precisely why it’s so urgent to become apart of this philosophy, so that we can truly make positive change in the world. I feel so sad for the state of humanity, for a very long time, that’s why I decided that I cannot take it anymore. I know I have a purpose. I always knew. I saw right through the garbage ever since I was a young child and it took me so long to realize my true potential. This mission finally gives me purpose in life. I felt so hardpressed to become passionate about anything, and now I know why.

Society destroys our mind. Destroys our spirit. It gives us anxiety and depression. It makes us NEED to work jobs that we hate just to survive. You don’t need to work jobs you don’t love, because the society of tomorrow will have everyone do what they truly enjoy.

The robotic technology will and should work the boring jobs that everyone hates. This will free up all of our resources to pursue our passion. What do you love to do? This can be your life. No one will any longer live paycheck to paycheck in our society.

How is this possible? Have you ever heard of the military industrial complex? It takes in trillions of dollars of OUR money every year. It also pollutes the environment beyond belief. There are no emission standards for an aircraft carrier!

You see, humanity is not limited to North America. Humanity is all over the Earth. We need to eliminate the imaginary borders that divides us so that we don’t have to worry about war any longer. What is the difference between the russian or the american? We are both human. We should be family because we both want the same things in life. We both want to be happy. We both have ambitions for great things. Unfortunately, the corrupt russian state has a truly carchaic imagination of “taking over” land. It’s not the russian people who are doing this, it is the corrupt politicians (namely putin) who are doing this.

Let’s put it this way. Our society can triumph here and there. Then there won’t be any need for a military because we will finally be one, without guns, threats, nonsense archaic belief systems. That is the ultimate purpose of humanity. This is the best possible evolution of humanity. We don’t need to be ruled by the corrupt who hold us back from true greatness.

Anyway, I have things that I need to do today. But I do appreciate your support in this mission of humanity. Remember; it doesn’t matter if you’re a religious person or if you’re not because it’s irrelevant. All religions want the same thing. Peace on earth. To truly help the human condition. But they don’t have the answers alone. They are living in the past while we live in the present and in the future. We are the faith that links all faiths. And if you have no faith then you can have faith in humanism and in defeating cancer. Defeating COVID. Defeating involuntary death. Because that is the purpose of humanity. We are meant to create heaven on earth. You need to realize this, before it’s too late. That is my purpose. Let us build a great society together.

I will utilize this blog to discuss philosophy and also of myself. This will be the personal space of my life. Then we can focus on the organization when my ideas are properly conceptualized by you and everyone else. It is all in my mind, the hardest part is diffusing the information in an understandable way.

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