Why can’t we stop mass shootings?

The answer is, we can. But we won’t because of deep corruption in this society. The short answer is the gun laws, but the long answer is the politicization which gets in the way of positive reforms and most of all the depression that people feel when they suffer a lack of opportunity in society. This is a chain reaction which leads individuals down the rabbit hole of mass shootings. It is a cry for attention or a way for people to simply give up and “go down with flying colors” so to speak.

Look at Australia.They used to have big issues with mass shootings, but there hasn’t been much of an issue since gun reforms. That’s not to say their society isn’t cancerous, but there isn’t a way for their depressed people to get a hold of cancers in any easy way.

Solution: Mental health. Provide more opportunities for careers. Gun reform. Will any of this happen? Doubtful!

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